Tulips, Water, Ash

Tulips, Water, Ash

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Praise for Tulips, Water, Ash:

“Radiant attentiveness, rare and gorgeous as it may be, is among the least of Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet’s gifts. Her real distinction is the uncanny ability to penetrate to the heart of an image: to trace its stern trajectories, to capture and unfold its inborn logic. Vision for Stonestreet involves a rigorous will-to-submit: this is both her method and her perpetual subject, her discipline and her reward. Tulips, Water, Ash is an extraordinary and heartening debut.”

—Linda Gregerson

“Tulips, Water, Ash risks talking about the things we have no words for. Simultaneously incisive and passionate, these poems take a chillingly fresh look at the world and ‘chew it till it bleeds.’ They offer the insights we desperately need.”

—Robert Thomas, author of Dragging the Lake

“Stonestreet’s empathies of eye, her vision and revisionary glancings, let us undergo radical shifts in scale between the ‘burnished’ and the ‘broken’…. Stonestreet’s imagination is as tender as it is tough-minded.”

—Pimone Triplett

“It is rare to see a collection, debut or not, that is so impeccably crafted—precise, wonderfully complicated, and rich. This is a book of opportunities: linguistic, syntactic, imagistic. Every bit of detail contributes, in an inevitable way, to the whole.”

—Martha Rhodes

“The rich light in this book—of street fairs, sun through the windshield—might half-blind us if this poet weren’t looking with such close and dark attention. Again and again, memory swims up from childhood, and love disturbs and soothes.”

—Marianne Boruch

“A wonderfully alive, actively thinking attentiveness…. darting this way and that toward meaning, opening our eyes and ears, our minds, to continual change—personal, communal, and cosmic. Keenly aware of the potential ‘heat in the flint, light in the twig,’ she shows us how to see the very flux of life.”

—Reginald Gibbons, author of Creatures of a Day

cover art by Rachel Davis